Saturday, September 13, 2008

This week's tally

Heres my breakdown of this week... roughly.

Multiple transactions. Too many to remember exacts. But, I came away with 3 Right Guards, 1 Right Guard Professional Strength, 2 Soft & Dri, 3 Revlon nailpolishes, 2 Ambi soaps, LOTS of summer clearnace toys. I spent about $13 OOP because of the toys and the fact that they wouldn't take my revlon coupons.

Only one transaction. Can you believe it?! The best sales in Wag's history and I only make one trip for 3 cough syrups and some trashbags!

Thats it. Sorry for the lack of detail. It's late. It's been raining all day. We have a giant puddle in our basement. Sweet.

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