Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Happy Anniversary, Honey!

Our anniversary is on the 29th, which I am excited for :) I just hope we don't spend too much money at dinner. Man, listen to me!

Anyways, to celebrate Mike went to Target (alone!) and picked up one of their inexpensive storage cabinets for the basement. The system we've been using for our stockpile has worked well... but we are expecting guests next month and I wanted a way to sort of make everything a little more discrete.

"Hi! Welcome to our home. I like to collect pantiliners... do you need any?"

So, he put it together for me and I am in the process of filling it. It's fun :) But, it just occurred to me we are going to need to baby-proof it somehow. Alex loves our stockpile and for the most part it was high enough off the ground that he didn't notice it too often. But, now that some of it is in a cupboard, with doors that are fun to open and close, I have a feeling we might have a problem on our hands. And the fact that he loves opening deodorants and shampoo bottles doesn't help much.

Anyways, pictures to come as soon as I'm done. Time for bed.

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Lindsay said...

Hi Meghan! Thanks for the comment! The chapsticks were the brand name but they were that blue raspberry flavored kind. I got a bunch of chapsticks free when facebook had those dramatic coupons a couple months ago--- sooo I really just don't like to pay much for anything anymore! ;) Anyway, thanks for stopping by my blog and I love your comment: "Hi! Welcome to our home. I like to collect pantiliners... do you need any?"
That's totally me too!!!

:) Lindsay