Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Hardcore Budgeting

So, up until now, I've been pretty lazy about creating an actual budget. I find good deals and I buy them. Thats about as serious as I have been. But, all of that is about to change. For the month of September I'm going to try and save all my receipts to track my spending. Plus, keep a grocery/drugstore budget of $100 a week and then hopefully adjust down from that as I go.

This week should be a little wacko. My inlaws bought our groceries for us on Sunday. I don't plan to make any serious stop at Meijer or Kroger except for perhaps some Capri Suns and trash bags (if I can't come up with a drug store deal on trash bags)

Week of 8/31-9/06:
~CVS- $2.22 (grocery/drugstore)
~McDonalds (cranky kid needed some nuggets - mom needed coffee) - $6.55 (eating out)
~L&L (local independent grocery store)- $2.19 (grocery/drugstore)
~Kroger- $9.17 (grocery/drugstore)
~Meijer- $11.20 (grocery/drugstore)
~Meijer- $9.53 (Toy)
~Target- $35.62 Included formula - yikes! (grocery/drugstore)
~Starbucks- $20.00 (coffee)

Total = $96.48

Things to note: No gas was purchased this week. My husband probably snuck in some additional eating out expenses (I found an Olga's bag in his car), that he didn't tell me about. My inlaws purchased our groceries so our grocery/drugstore total was only $60.40 (which included $19.00 formula which I probably won't have to purchase anymore!).

Received: $8.00 ECBs, $3.00 OYNO catalina, $10.00 GC (none were deducted from totals... All totals are the amount I actually spent in cash or on debit card)

Month of September:
~Comcast (cable, internet, phone)- $106.xx (utilities)
~State Farm (personal property coverage, homeowners insurance already paid in full for entire year)- $10.16 (insurance)
~Mortgage- $599.xx (Mortgage)
~Property Taxes- $400.00 (consider this Mortgage)
~Board of Water and Light (electric)- $85.44 (utilities)

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Melissa said...

I heart wags just started like a week ago! no worries that you didn't know. I only knew because of another blog I read every day! lol! Thanks for commenting on my blog! sometimes i don't get any comments and hope that someone is reading it! lol! if not it's a good way of keep track of deals so I can look back and say "oh that's right"! lol!