Saturday, September 20, 2008

Meijer Super Saturday

Stopped at Meijer before work today. It was a madhouse with everyone getting ready for tailgate this morning. I was like the only person there in the shoe department... everyone else was in the liquor aisle!

Anyways, I didn't buy any groceries or use any coupons. I went simply to buy shoes. I purchased 4 pairs of shoes and paid $65.00 for them.

For myself I got some plain black work shoes and a pair of knock off UGGS for tromping around in the snow with Alex. I also bought Alex two pairs of shoes. We were in desperate need of new shoes. I tried to convince Mike to go and check them out on his way to pick Alex up from my moms. He wasn't interested.

Anyways, I didn't do too much shopping last week because I wasn't feeling well. Hopefully I can make up for it this week. I'd like to take advantage of the candy deal at CVS because my husband is addicted to sugar. I'd also like to get the Reach toothbrushes at Walgreens, although I can't seem to find my 7/13 inserts. So, we'll see....

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