Friday, December 12, 2008

Fleishmann's Catalinas and Meijer Goody hairbands

I went and used my $0.50 Fleishmanns catalinas at Kroger today and they doubled! I used them at the u-scan which is probably why. I've noticed when I use coupons at the u-scan I am more likey to get overage and the coupon rules are more lax. I'll be gathering the rest of my Fleishmanns coupons and buying more!

Also, Goody hairbands are 25% off at Meijer right now. The sale could include other products but the hairbands are pretty much all I use so I didn't browse other items. I paid $0.09 for hairbands the other day. Sweet! Perfect stocking stuffers for my mom and sis.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Denise has an awesome giveaway for a $500 Walmart giftcard. If you haven't checked it out, do so now!

The "Cent"sible Sawyer

Monday, December 8, 2008

Hidden Wags Rebates

I just read on that people are getting rebates for BOTH the glade wisp and the glade twin packs. Plus the L-Oreal Pro-Calcium that was a rebate item last month. You can bet I'll be buying the L'Oreal during the 4-day sale!

Now, what else should I throw in? Hmmm...
Well, the $2 rebate for the Glade Wisp candle I purchased at Walgreens has gone through... although it shows up as the "glade twin pack". So, I'm guessing that means if a deal pops up where I can score the glade twin pack of candles for free (after rebate), that I shouldn't bother because I've already reached my limit on that rebate.

A little disappointed. But, at least I still get the $2.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Glade @ Wags...

I had read about the Glade Wisp candles being a money maker at Wags this week. It's $3.99, use a -$3 MFQ and submit for a $2 ES Rebate. The shelf had the tag on it saying it qualified for a rebate. But, now I can't for the life of me find it on the Wags website.


Hopefully it'll just pop-up automatically.
I have to say, I'm really really excited about starting a felt story board for Alex. Two bloggers that I read on a regular basis have made one for their toddlers and I have secretly been very jealous. Lastnight I started making characters for a farm scene

I made: A kick-ass barn complete with doors that open, a tractor, a pick-up truck, a tree, a bush, a piggy and a duck.

I plan to make a few more animals but I can't think of any other essential farm items. I also plan to make a house, a pond with fish, flowers, people, doggy, kitty, a car, clouds, a sun, shapes and letters. Maybe a train. Alex has an entire wall in his room that is totally empty of art and furniture so I plan to make the board HUGE!

So excited.

Wags 4-Day Sale

Went to Walgreens today to utilize the $5 RR printing when you purchase $25 worth of stuff. I really wanted Capri Suns, but my store didn't have any. It really isn't that great of a deal but we were in desperate need. I improvised though, thanks to the Wal-itin (is that what it's called?)

(2) Wal-itin - $13.98 ($6.99 each)
(1) Colgate Total - $2.99
(1) Glade Wisp Candle - $4.99 (I think??)
(1) Bald Guys - $4.99

Total - $26.95

(1) Wal-itin IVC that takes $6.00 off for each one purchased - $12.00
(1) Colgate MQ - $1.00
(1) Glade Wisp MQ - $3.00
(1) 6 RR

Total $4.95 (on Wags gift card)

Received - 2 RR for Colgate, 5 RR for spending $25, and will submit for $3 ES Rebate for Wisp and $4.99 ES Rebate for Bald Guys, plus 10% additional for Wags Rebate Gift card

$8.79 in rebated earned
$7 RR earned

Equals $15.79 for a profit of $10.84 (or $4.84 if you deduct the RR I used for payment)

I might hit up another Wags later to see if they have Capri Suns.