Monday, September 8, 2008

Oh CVS...

I don't usually have problems with CVS. Well, I should say not any huge problems about cashiers being rude or anything. ::Knocks on wood:: But, today didn't go as planned.

I went strictly for the nail polish and Herbal Essence. Well, the shampoo didn't work out because the coupon is for the large size, not the ones that are on sale. No biggie. I've got truck loads of shampoo as it is. But, I did buy three bottles of nailpolish and I threw in an Ambi soap (should have bought more because I fear they will run out soon). The cashier wouldn't take my Revlon coupons because nailpolish isn't a "Colour Cosmetic".

My OOP ended up being around $4. It's not all completely lost. I did get $12 ECBs.

Anyways, no picture for today's transaction

(3) Revlon Nail Polish - $11.97
(1) Ambi Cleaning Bar - $1.99

-$2/10 coupon
-$8 ECBs

Paid $4.xx out of pocket. Received 12 ECBs.

Run to your store and scoop up those Ambi soap bars!

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