Thursday, September 11, 2008


Well, today's trip to CVS really took me OOP. But, I'm totally fine with it.

I live in a college town and I don't visit the CVS down the street all too often. Parking is inconvenient. It's always busy. And I'm always THAT mom with the cranky kid and 10 coupons... with a line of college kids behind me rolling their eyes.

But, this morning I left for work early just so I could make a baby-free stop at the CVS. I was hesitant to go in. I peeked through the front door and saw my absolute most favorite cashier... so I went for it.

Unlike every other CVS I've been to this week, their summer clearance was overflowing with kid's toys! I guess those college students don't have any need for blow up tubes and squirty fish.

I loaded up on everything I had on my list... INCLUDING AMBI BARS! They had like 6 in stock :) Plus TONS of toys. I paid $10 OOP, but I got back something like $16 ECBs... so I'm fine with it.

I'll post a picture of my CVS haul once I decided I'm done with CVS for the week... I might go back and get more toys :)

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