Tuesday, September 23, 2008

My husband...

I sure do love him. But, sometimes he just doesn't get it. And it exhausts me!

The other day while I was taking a nap, he took my son to the grocery store and spent $15.00 on supplies to make homemade salsa. He came home, whipped up a batch, and it was awful. Fifteen dollars down the drain. Literally. I had to dump a huge batch because neither one of us would eat it.

What on earth do I do in order to make him understand that we live on a budget?

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Lindsay said...

Don't let him go shopping! haha! but seriously I know- husbands are like that! I scrimp and save and my husband has no problem spending $35 a week on lunches out --- an amount which is equal to or more than what I pay for groceries every week! grr! Goodluck, and if all else fails, sit him down and tell him the rules!