Monday, September 15, 2008

Quick CVS

Stopped today at the CVS down the street. Their summer clearance is still going strong... college students REALLY don't care about saving a buck. I'm probably the only mom that shops there.

(1) Purex = $2.99
(2) Ambi Cleaners (Think??) = $9.98
(2) Ball Squirt Toys = $0.34
(1) Little Pets Toy = $0.59

-$2/10 CVS Coupon
-$3.00 Ambi IP
-$3.00 Ambi IP
-$0.50 Purex
-$5.00 ECBs
-$2.00 ECBs

Paid $0.98 OOP I think

The poopy part - I didn't realize the AMBI deal maxed out at 3. Oops. So I got one cleanser too many and as a result didn't get as many ECBs as expected.


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