Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Meal Plan

-Hashbrowns and frui
-Starbucks muffin (Alex and I share an oat bran muffin if we are out running errands)
-Cinnamon toast
-Veggie scramble and fruit
-Cereal and fruit
-Cinnamon rolls

Lunch/Dinner (Combined categories because these meals are often wacky as a result of Mike's work schedule):
-Sloppy joes, potato chips and fruit (Check!)
-Roasted chicken, rice and roasted potatoes
-Omelets/scrambles, bacon and fruit
-Chicken noodle soup (use leftover roasted chicken)
-Brats fruit/veggies and rice
-Mac N Cheese and veggies
-Hot dogs and fries
-Spaghetti and veggies
-Beef Stew... YUMMM!!

Additional Alex variations:
-Nuggets, french fries, rice, peaches, red pepper, mac n cheese, bagel pizza, green beans, oranges (these are on hand for when he won't eat what we've prepared for ourselves)

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