Sunday, September 7, 2008


Well, I'm sorry to admit that Walgreens and I might be on the "outs". I'm new to the Walgreens game. But, the last three or so times I've been there, things haven't ended well.

Alex and I headed out early this morning to buy our usual Sunday papers, get Starbucks (something my frugal-self REFUSES to give up) and do the Robutussin deal at Walgreens. I bought three bottles, all rang up at the sale price - $3.99 - but only $5.00 RR were printed. Ofcourse, I didn't think to look at the coupon until we were already at Meijer.

I'm bummed. I was counting on using the $10 RR on cleaning supplies later this week.

Anyways, it was still a money maker... I suppose. Although, I tend to not take into account RR, ECBs and the like, when evaluating my OOP expense.

We'll see what happens. I submitted my August Easy Saver rebates and should receive a gift card... someday. Once it gets here and I start utilizing the money loaded onto the card, I will then re-evaluate the situation. But, I'm not happy.

And, to top it off... I accidentally bought 2 Pediatric cough medicines, when I was certain I only grabbed one. Theres no way we'll be able to use that much cough medicine on Alex before they expire... so maybe I'll see about an exchange.

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