Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Revving it up!

I'm kicking my deal shopping into high gear for the next couple weeks. As winter approaches, the amount of money Mike and I will be making will decrease. We both work at the same restaurant and bar, owned by my father. Mike's income shouldn't be affected much because he's a manager. If business is slower, his tips will be lower. But, we still anticipate the same number of hours. My work is affected more. We have outdoor seating that draws major crowds, when winter comes that means we close the outdoor seating and have far fewer shifts available because a whole entire section of the restaurant is closed.

Anyways. I'm blabbing. It has already started to effect us. I'm feeling the pinch. To alleviate some of the stress, I am working on having our basement as stockpiled as possible.

Today I left Alex home with Mike and spent a few hours running around town getting some good deals. I was even able to stop at Goodwill and Aldi, which I hardly EVER go to.

I'll update with all my shopping later.

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