Monday, October 6, 2008


So, here is most of Alex's fall/winter wardrobe that was purchased for less than $70. Please note that there are a few things missing from the picture (two pairs of Kohl's pants and a long sleeve shirt - 5.00 a piece. And a winter coat - FREE!)

I had to pay more OOP for pants at Kohls because I couldn't find any cute ones at the thrift/resale. They were all very 80's-esque and acid-washy. Ick.

Most of it was purchased at a local 2nd hand shop, or thrift stores. The shoes are brand new (2 pairs!) that I got when Meijer was having their buy1get1-for-$1 sale. Even the fire truck onesie that Alex is modeling was a garage sale find for $0.50.

My favorite deals are the winter coat (not pictured) that I received WAY BACK when I was pregnant at one of my baby showers. And the doggy pajamas (on the left) that were also a shower gift. The khaki colored fall jacket was an AWESOME find... it's so adorable on him and it was only $6, it even has a removable red liner.

Best of all, this picture display's my many attempts at being frugal.

The past couple of weeks Target had a ton of comforters, sheet sets, curtains, etc on clearance and I scooped up the red comforter (king size) for only $20.

The curtains on the windows came with our house (it was part of the agreement that the seller would leave all window treatments). While at JoAnns, my mom and I found that cool dot patterned fabric (and used the 40% off coupon!) and she sewed the band onto the pre-existing curtains... making it a cheap alternative to buying all new ones. I love them! I'm not big on traditional baby/toddler themed rooms. I think the colors are often muted and boring. And especially when it comes to little boys, Alex LOVES cars and trucks but all the car/truck themed comforters were so BLAH.

Now, I'm not sure why he has a book on his head. But, at least he didn't make a mess of the clothes in the picture before I could take a shot.

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