Saturday, October 4, 2008

Big sigh...

Well, pooey!

Another $5/$25 CVS coupon goes to waste. Alex and I finally made a trip out and they didn't have any well patches or beauty bars... which totally ruined my scenario. Had I been alone, I made have been able to figure something out. But, I had the kiddo. And as soon as we set foot in the toothpaste aisle he pulled as many tubes of toothpaste off the shelves as he could. I knew sticking around and trying to come up with a scenario on the fly wasn't going to work.

But, yet again I'm thrilled about this upcoming week at Wags. I'll post later about my most recent trip. Plus, I plan to go tomorrow... I think I'll make Sunday my Wags day.

Must go. Kid is fussing.

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