Sunday, October 12, 2008

Expensive week to come...

So, this week is going to be more expensive than most. We have our first real houseguests coming to stay with us in 6 days and I didn't really prepare my stockpile for it.

I know we'll need a lot of easy snacks - cheese, dip, crackers, chips, pop, fresh fruits (which I wouldn't have purchased ahead of time anyways). So this week I'm going to have to make some purchases of items I don't have coupons for.

Thank goodness for Meijer mealbox coupons. There is one for baked lays and one for their Meijer brand kettle chips. This morning Alex and I already made a trip to purchase one of each.

I'm going to have to pour of the sales flyers this week and decide where to buy the rest... fruit, pop, crackers, toilet paper (our stockpile is dwindling) and cheese. I'm thinking Target has a pretty good deal on Coke - 3 for $11. We'll see.

Anyways, yesterday I made one last trip to Walgreens for the week. I couldn't pass up the $10 shower cleaner coupon. I have been dying to try one but still couldn't stomach the $5.00 OOP it would have been with just a $5 off coupon. I love that it's now free after rebate. Plus, I needed some Windex. I've been using Lysol the past few weeks to clean windows and it just isn't cutting it.

Yesterday we scooped up a really great deal at one of our local grocery stores. We purchased a boneless sirloin roast for about $15.00. This is something we wouldn't normally buy, but that my husband LOVES. He's a true carnivore. Anyways, the reason we purchased one yesterday, is it came with a free 5# bag of potatoes, 3# bag of carrots, ?# bag of onions, Heinz gravy, a disposable roasting pan and an apple pie. So, at some point this week we will have a roast for dinner. He's pumped. The thing is huge, so I intend to use the leftovers for beefstew. Or something.

All for now. Back to preparing for our houseguests.

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