Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Kroger 10/21

Went to scoop up some of the freebies at Kroger today. Once I got there, I realized I forgot to load my shortcuts coupons. Er!

(1) MS Organic Whole Chicken - $4.70
(1) MS Roll of Pork Sausage - $1.59
(1) MS Horizon Organic Milk - $1.59 (I think?)
(3) Johnson's Buddies Bars - $2.97
(4) Brut Deodorants - $4.00
(4) Celestial Tea - $4.00
(1) Puffs - $1.00

(1) -$3.00 off 3 Johnson's Buddies MFQ - $3.00
(4) -$1.00 off any Brut MFQ - $4.00
(4) -$1.00 off any Celestial Tea MFQ - $4.00
(1) -$0.25 off any Puffs MFQ - $0.50 (doubled)

I thought there was a $1.00 off Organic coupon loaded to my card. Guess not. Oh well.

This particular store didn't have the $1.00 Sally Hansen. Or else they weren't marked. I price checked the bottle that looked like the one in the picture and it was $4.25. Who knows...

I spent $10.xx OOP.

I would have also purchased the Green Giant frozen veggies, but I didn't know if that coupon was loaded to my card. I probably would have also scooped up some soft soap, except Alex insisted on using the GIANT shopping cart shaped like a car and it was IMPOSSIBLE to push through the store. By the time I remember the soft soap, I didn't feel like trying to push our way to the other end of the store. Oh well. I will probably go back later this week for the veggies and the soft soap.

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