Monday, October 13, 2008

Did some major grocery shopping today. Hit up Kroger and Meijer. Had to get some things that weren't super great deals. But, I think all-in-all, everything was at least on sale. Some highlights...

(1) Prilosec OTC 12-ct - $9.99 - Used $5.00 P&G Esaver loadable coupon, plus a $3.00 MFQ that I clipped from some random newspaper insert (not a coupon insert). Paid $2.00
(1) Febreze Noticeables - Don't know retail price - Used $5.00 P&G Esaver loadable coupon, plus $5.00 P&G MFQ. It was free plus overage
(4) Kroger cheese - were $1.67 a piece
(1) 1/2 Gallon of whole milk - $0.99 on manager special

There was a TON of meat and nice bread marked down, but we just don't have room in our freezer for it

(4) Orville Redenbacher's Natural Popcorn - $1.59 a piece - I used $1.00 MFQs and got them for $0.59 a piece!
(3) Bottles of Juicy Juice - $2.25-ish a piece - I used $1.00 off IPs and paid about $1.25-ish. I still have about 5 more of these coupons that will expire on the 15th. I'm actually tempted to go to Kroger where they are on sale for a slightly higher price (about $2.59) because their juice boxes are included in their sale and we would get more use out of juice boxes.
(2) Boxes of Kelloggs cereal - $2.00 - used $1.00 IPs and made them $1.00 a piece
(1) 24-pack of Pepsi - $6.00 - Eh, at least it's a better deal than paying $3.67 for a 12-pack
(1) Bag of Meijer brand Kettle potato chips - $2.49 - Used $1.00 mealbox coupon and paid $1.49 which is pretty darn good deal for chips because I can never find coupons for chips.

I also got a lot of fruit from both stores. Meijer has a deal on Michigan apples right now (I live in Michigan though). You can grab one of their paper tote bags and mix and match with various kinds for $0.79 a pound which is about half the price they were at Kroger.

I think thats about all. I also got a nice bathmat that was 30% off and ended up only being $15.00. I'm not sure if I could have gotten a better deal going to BB&B and using a coupon. But, I just don't have time to make multiple trips.

Back to painting that bathroom.

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