Wednesday, October 8, 2008

CVS Confession

Ok. First lets start out with my trip to CVS today. I did one transaction:

(4) Colgate MaxFresh toothpaste - $11.96
(2) Colgate MaxFresh 2 in 1 toothpaste - $5.38 (they were 25% off)
(3) CVS Gold Soap bars - $2.97
(1) Bic Soleil - $5.99

(6) -$1.00 Colgate Maxfresh MFQ - $6.00
(1) -$2.00 Bic Soleil - $2.00
$5.99 ECB
$5.00 ECB
$3.00 ECB
$2.50 ECB
$1.00 ECB

Paid $2.xx OOP most ofwhich was tax, I believe.

I received $19.00 ECBs. I did it all in one big transaction because I couldn't really think of a better way to do it now that we don't have any $/$$ coupons.

I dunno about CVS anymore. I just feel like I might make it a monthly, or twice monthly trip for me. GASP! I know... Something has gotten into me and I get so insanely nervous everytime I step up to the regester to pay. And I've never had a nasty cashier before! ::knock on (fake) wood::

I'll be brutally honest.

I live less than 5 minutes from a really great CVS. Most good ECB deals are always still stocked. The clearance section is nice. My favorite cashier works there.

But, it's right SMACK in the middle of student housing for Michigan State University. Hence the reason why all the deals are always still there. It's probably an insanely profitable CVS because college students don't care at all about snagging a good deal (or, most I should say). Plus, it's right among all the bars so I'm sure they have quite a few that stumble through and buy a week's worth of potato chips to chow down on after a drunken night out.

And thats why I get so nervous. I look like a college student myself. And I just feel like the eyes of a dozen beautiful young co-eds are burning the back of my head as I stand at the register and hand over 6 tubes of toothpaste and 20 coupons.

I can't even imagine what it'd be like if my coupons beeped and I had some drunk idiot behind me who wanted to be rude about taking so long... which is entirely possible because I went at 10pm tonight and they were all out in full force.

So, I apologize if the CVS transactions are a bit sparse. My nerves are getting the best of me.

Plus, I feel like everything that is a good deal, I already have 10 of. Tonight I bought toothpaste I don't even need just so I could roll some ECBs that were going to expire in a couple days.

We'll see what happens.

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Lindsay said...

Goodluck conquering those anxiety demons. When I first started I was worried someone I knew would see me and I'd look like a crazy coupon lady (you should see the size of my purse, haha). Eight months(and many nasty cashiers) later I don't care. For me, I came to the conclusion that it was worth it to save that much money. And usually the people in line are impressed ! Cashiers - sometimes even! (If I think I might be awhile, I always try and let someone with a quick transaction go first.)

The moral of my rambling is, I'm sure this has happened to most of us - it's just a matter of what you can and can't deal with and how often. If monthly CVSing works for you- wonderful! :) Also, is there another cvs you feel more comfortable at?