Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The main reason for my lack of posts is I made this ridiculously long and detailed post about all my shopping last week and somehow only a small part of it posted. I don't have the energy to do it over again.

I checked our finances and have decided that this week we will be saving extra money by using food from our stockpile and avoiding spending money, at all costs!

I will be getting the free items at Kroger and Meijer. I already went this morning for emergency frozen hashbrowns (the only thing my son will eat for breakfast) and free Hall's cough drops at Kroger. I regret not planning my trip better because there are apparently quite a few more freebies this week. Oh well, I'll go back.

I already checked the CVS near by and they were out of razor's by Monday morning. Pisser. I just left. ALex was with me and trying to come up with a money making scenario would have been impossible with him.

My inlaws arrive in town on Thursday and I'm thrilled. I truly love it when they visit. And I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they buy us groceries :) I'll never pass up free groceries... and it's always an added bonus when I don't have to plan and use coupons!

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