Saturday, August 30, 2008


Haven't been having much luck with Walgreens lately.

I had my scenario planned out for this morning, and they were out of L'Oreal Concentrate so I should have just left. Had I been without Alex, it would have been okay trying to come up with another workable scenario. But, instead of just leaving, we wandered around the store while I tried to figure out what else to buy. It didn't end all that well.

I bought:
(5) 12-packs of Pepsi brand pop = $12.00 total - not $11 like most others (wasn't planning on buying this, but need it anyways)
(1) Nivea for Men body wash = $4.99
(1)Chemistry shampoo = $7.99
(1) Revlon nailpolish = $4.79
(1) Crest Pro-Health = $3.79
(1) Starbucks coffee = $7.99 Desperately needed
(2) Junior mints = $2.00 thought I needed a filler
(2) John Frieda = $9.74

(1) -$1 Nivea Coupon
(1) -$3 Chemistry
(1) -$3/2 John Frieda
(1) -$10/$40 WAGS

Issues I had: Wouldn't take my Revlon coupon for the nailpolish and the cashier couldn't push it through. I also misplaced my crest coupon.

Total:$42.xx YIKES!

But, I got $9 RR for the John Frieda and will receive $21.56 in rebates... so it's like paying about $12 OOP.

I wasn't anticipating my transaction going like that AT ALL. The $12 OOP that I spent is all a result of the pepsi.

I need to stop shopping with Alex.

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