Wednesday, August 27, 2008

But what about body wash?

So, I got into CVS's deals this week even though I totally don't need any more feminine protection or shampoo/conditioner. You know what I do need, BODY WASH! I have been CVSing and couponing for about 3 months now and I have only found one good deal on body wash (the olay deal at CVS)... and I HATE Olay's Ribbons Body Wash. It leaves pink residue throughout everything in my shower. Annoying. I have noticed that next week there are ECBS on Sauve body wash, but I don't have any coupons.



Transaction #1:
2 Herbal Essence shampoo ($6.67)
1 Children's Advil ($5.79)
-$2/10 CVS coupon
-$1 Children's Advil IP
-(2) $1 Herbal Essence tearpad coupons
-$5 ECBs
=About$0.87 OOP (includes tax)
Earned $5.79 ECBs

It was at this point I realized I forgot the rest of my $2/10 coupons so I had to make due without

Transaction #2:
2 Stayfree Pads ($9.00)
1 Herbal Essence conditioner ($3.33)
-$4.50 BOGO Stayfree coupon
-$1 Herbal Essence coupon from newspaper insert
-$5.79 ECBs
=About $1.44 OOP (includes tax)
Earned $5.00 ECBs

Transaction #3:
2 Herbal Essence conditioner ($6.67)
2 Revlon nailpolish ($8.98)
-$4.49 BOGO Revlon cosmetic (CVS advertised deal)
-$2 Revlon CVS crt
-$2 Revlon coupong from newspaper insert
-(2) $1 Herbal Essence coupons from newspaper insert
-5 ECBs
=$0.40 OOP (includes tax)
Earned $5.00 ECBs

Not bad. Less than $3.00 OOP. Would have been better if I had remembered my $2/10 stash.

I might make another CVS run later this week for pepsi. Plus I'm sure I will take advantage of the double dipping going on this friday/saturday at Walgreens!

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