Saturday, August 23, 2008

Slow week

So, this was probably my slowest week since starting my grocery and drugstore games. Life has been busy. And Alex has been cranky. And I hate being that person trying to shop with the cranky baby. I make hasty decisions about what to purchase just so we can get out the door.

But, a cute baby does help you get on a cashier's good side.

I made one CVS run and 2 Walgreens runs. Well, I should say 2 CVS runs, but one was only to return a revlon mascara I thought was part of the BOGO deal, but apparently wasn't. I have just started my blog, and I also JUST got my new digital camera, so I promise pictures for next week.

I'd like to utilize my $3/15 coupon tomorrow, but my schedule is tight. It will have to be tomorrow morning before I go to a baby shower... and sometimes getting out the door before noon is difficult with Alex. But, we desperately need some more pop. I'm trying to get my husband to crack his addiction to the corner store. He used to make many, many, MANY runs a week up to 7-11 to get candy and pop. Yes, he's a total healthnut. Obviously, this goes against my frugal principles, so I had to put an end to it. So far, he has successfully given up candy-runs cold turkey because of all the candy deals I've been scoring. But, we don't usually keep pop in the house, so he continues to spend money on that and I've been avoiding buying pop because I don't want Alex to drink any. But, I will be giving in and taking advantage of the deal CVS has this upcoming week.

Uh. I'm rambling. So tired.

Anyways. I'm pretty proud of the amount of money I have saved on tomorrow's baby shower gift. I am making up my own little basket (purchased from Hobby Lobby with a gift card) containing baby items I got during the CVS baby deal (J&J baby wash, lotion and rash cream) plus some Gerber wash clothes I found on clearance at Target. In addition to that, I have a package of Gerber onesies found on clearance, plus a book I got using an amazon coupon code. A really great book, actually. One of my favorites ("Hush Little Dragon"). Retailed $10.82 and I got it for $0.82 and free shipping. I might throw in a couple other books I scored during the Borders coupon code frenzy. I'm debating on whether to "re-gift" a few outfits someone gave to Alex that I never took the tags off of because the person didn't properly wage the whole age-season gauge properly. I personally don't have any sort of problem re-gifting as long as the gift doesn't suck and it's something the person could truly use. If it's a piece of crap gift (like some giant ugly scented candle), I'm not going to pass it onto a friend. But, I happen to know that this friend of mine is working hard to save money on baby stuff and I know she'd appreciate anything I could pass onto her, including handmedowns.

Rambling again.

Time for bed.

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