Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Christmas Expenses

During all the blog excitement over "Christmas in July", I started my holiday shopping early. I'd love to spend less than the gobbs I ended up forking over last year. So, with the help of all my favorite frugal blogs, I'm capitalizing on all the deals I hear about in an attempt to spread my shopping over a period of months, as well as save money! Hopefully I'll hurt my wallet a little less this year.

These are my estimates, although I do keep all my receipts

About 25 children's books plus a "Juno" DVD= $26.00 (
Thomas Train toy= $1.00 (Walmart)
Thomas Train toy=$3.50 (Meijer)
Tonka monster truck= $5.00 (Target)
4 Blockbuster DVDs= $2.50 (
ABC Magnets= $1.00 (Target)
*Decorated Tea Bag Magnet=$8.00 (local free trade shop)
*Bluebird salt and pepper shakers=$10.00 (some random website)
**Scooby Doo Activity Set=$15.00

Total $72.00

*These purchases were made awhile ago before I started my frugal ways. Now, I probably wouldn't purchase the shakers. And instead of the magnet I should have purchased the coasters which are cheaper, then added my own magnet to the back. They are for a terrific cause. So I'm fine with it*
**Purchased to help support the DARE program

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