Thursday, November 20, 2008

Well, I didn't get as much shopping accomplished as I had hoped. I made a trip to Kroger and perhaps later tonight Alex and I will venture to Walgreens. I believe they have a good deal on cheese? Or was that last week? Anyways we need milk regardless and I'd rather put it on my Wags giftcard than pay full price at Kroger... they didn't have any manager mark downs today.

Some highlights of my Kroger trip

(4) Duncan Hine's Carrot Cake Mixes = $1.00 each, used (4) -$1.00 MFQs = FREE!
(2) Idahoan Potatoes = $1.00 each, used (2) -$0.40 IPs that doubled = $0.40 for both (Smartsource has these available to print)
(1) B.C Frosting = $1.67, used (1) -$0.50 MFQ that doubled, plus a -$0.55 Shortcuts coupon = $0.12
(1) B.C Pouch Instant Potatoes (didn't know they had pouches! they were cheaper than the boxes) = $1.00, used -$0.35 MFQ that doubled, plus -$0.35 Shortcuts coupon = -$0.05!
(3) Cottonelle 4-Packs = $0.99 each, used (3) -$0.25 MFQ that doubled, plus (2) -$0.50 Shortcuts coupons and (1) -$0.50 Cellfire coupon - FREE!
(1) Active Lifesyle Oatmeal = $Not Sure, used a FREE coupon loaded with Cellfire = FREE!
(1) Kroger Brand Shredded Cheese = $1.67, used -$0.50 Shortcuts coupon

I also got Whole Wheat flour that I had been waiting to go on sale... never did and my coupon expires today, so I bit the bullet and picked it up. At least I got $1 off. Alex loves strawberries and will eat them no matter how sour, so I paid $2.99 for those (anything to make a toddler eat!)

Speaking of which, he's waking up from his nap. Off I go!

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