Monday, November 3, 2008

More Kroger freebies (body wash, shoelaces)

So, I went to Kroger today and spent almost $50. Youza! But, I got a lot of things that we needed that weren't on sale. Like $10 in deli meat (we hate the pre-packaged sliced deli meat) and $6 in apples. Alex has recently discovered how great apples are... plus my husband continues to tell me how much he loves Honeycrisp apples (he refuses to eat any other kind).

Anyways, I picked up some freebies:

-Carnation condensed milk
-Tylenol PM (look for a coupon that is for "Simply Sleep" a Tylenol product I've never heard of... it states you can use it on any "Simply Sleep" or Tylenol PM product. Can't remember insert, sorry! It's for $2 off making the 24 cts free)
-Mini Scotch lint rollers (actually, these give you $0.50 overage)
-Quacker Oats
-Bic Silky Smooth razors (I don't like these as I have tried them before, but my mom uses these plus I can always donate)
-Herbal Essence (still on sale for $2.49 so I uploaded coupons to my husband's card)
-Olay Ribbon's Body Wash!! (Excited for this one because it's my husband's favorite body wash... it retails for $3.99, if you buy two and use the B1G1 uploaded to your Kroger card plus (2) $2 Olay body wash coupons, both are free!)
-Kiwi Shoelaces (didn't actually buy these because I didn't have those coupons clipped... but I'll be going back to Kroger later this week to use the rest of my freebie coupons and I will scoop these up!)

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