Monday, November 17, 2008

Just keeping track, plus CVS

My mom and I are in charge of a donation drive going on at my dad's restaurant/bar. It'll be two weeks long. I will be periodically taking things into work each time I go, as well as sending things with my husband when he works. I could just wait until the end and dump my big stash when the truck comes to pick up our donation barrel... but I think it's important to show customers and coworkers that I am taking the time to donate and they should too. I hope that if others see me physically putting my items into our barrel, they will be reminded to do the same.

So far:

(4) Dishsoap
(5) Buddies Bars
(1) B.C Warm Delights
(4) Carnation Evaporated Milk
(2) Cans of tuna
(2) B.C Instant Potatoes
(1) Cornstarch
(2) Quaker Oats
(6) Nailsaver Sponges
(3) Toothpastes

And it has hardly made a dent in my donation pile. I have some things I might hold off on donating until the very end for fear that drunk college students might sift through the barrel and take some of things out (deodorant, razors, body wash, etc).

Anyways, I did two transactions at CVS today which is a lot for me! I've been cutting back on shopping at CVS because it was becoming too stressful and too time consuming. I just don't understand how mother's of toddlers can manage successful CVS transactions!

I made some major mistakes though. I was in a hurry being that I had Alex with me. I knew exactly where I was going and what I was getting. I arrived at the batteries and noticed a sign that had them priced at $5.29 which go me excited! I though "Hurray! For once my CVS has prices lower than most others". I was expecting the prices to be $5.99. Well, apparently they were $5.99... on the other side of the display. The batteries I scooped up were still part of the ECB deal, but had 1/2 the amount of batteries the $5.99 packs have!


Needless to say, my OOP for the days was only like $0.90 and I still have one battery transaction remaining... so you can bet I'll be getting the $5.99 packs.

I am such an idiot.

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Lindsay said...

Can you exchange the batteries and pay the difference? (After you've hit your limit of course).
Might be worth a try. Great idea on getting people to donate! I hope you get a good turnout!