Friday, November 21, 2008

MAJOR Walgreens overage!!

Did I miss something about the Bic Soliel refill cartridges at Walgreens this week??

It's huge!

I went to Wags to pick up some Hershey's chocolate, which I chickened out on getting BTW. More on that later. Plus, I had some requests from my husband for various items like wart remover and shower loofahs and things I didn't want to actually pay cash for. So, I decided to pick up the Bic Soliel refill cartridges because the IVC coupon expires soon. There were only 4 left, so I got 3 because I always feel guilty whipping them out.

I get to the checkout and the guy says "You might want to grab another one of these, they are B1G1Free." Um, WHAT?!! So, I run to the razor aisle and grab the last one.

Then I get all nervous about how my coupons are gonna work. Now that we've had the discussion over them being B1G1, is he gonna not allow me to use coupons for the items that are "free"? Are we gonna have to go through that whole song and dance about coupon policy, blah blah?


So, here's how it went down

(4) Bic Soleil Refills - $27.96 (or $6.99 each)

Minus -$13.98 for B1G1 sale
Minus -$12.00 for the IVC in the November ES Catalog ($3.00 for each item)
Minus -$12.00 for the MFQ I had ($3.00 each)

Thats $10.02 in overage people!!!!!

Whoa. He gave me my total and I was thrilled. I paid $5.xx on my gift card because of my various other high value items.

Tickled. Completely tickled. I don't know if this is YMMV? Was it just that Walgreens having the B1G1 sale? There was nothing on the shelf about it.

If Alex is in a good mood we're heading to the other walgreens to see if I can do the deal again.

Oh, and I chickened out on the hersheys because the MFQs I had said they had to be 11 oz bags and the sale bags were only 8.5 oz. It probably would have worked regardless but I don't condone using coupons for items they aren't intended for.

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