Friday, April 3, 2009

Finding more money for the 3-Week Challenge

So, today I managed to find $59 more dollars to put towards our 3-Week $540 Challenge.

Mike's Grandma, a very generous woman, sends us $200 each month. Generally, all $200 is used to pay our car payment, although we technically only owe $161.00 each month. I just always pay the extra $39 to get ahead a little bit. So, I used the extra $39 to instead put towards our $540 Challenge.

Also, I randomly found $20 underneath the basement stairs! Gotta love it! I was TOTALLY tempted to use that money for more groceries, but I held strong and forced myself to find something to make from what we already have on hand... and dinner turned out just fine and more of all, Alex loved it.

So there. $59 more dollars!

Total Goal Amount = $540
(-) $146.17 in found change
(-) $4.00 SCR from Rite Aid
(-) $39 from Mike's Grandmother
(-) $20 found in the basement
New Total after all deductions= $330.83


Algebra Teacher said...

We had a similar situation with our little one. He had to go to the ER for breathing problems. He was not hospitalized - only given the breathing meds that we can't have at home and released. He has a narrowed airway so not going to the ER was not a choice. He couldn't breathe. Yet the insurance company charges us $50 for not being admitted as well as the entire deductible plus 10%. Ouch!! I see where I can "steal" some ideas from you to get this bill paid. Thanks for the post.

Meghan said...

Please feel free to pass along any other money saving ideas! I've been constantly trying to think of new ones... but it gets tough.