Friday, March 20, 2009

Frugal Fridays - Discount on gift cards

So, in April I have a "gift card" wedding shower to attend. The frugal part of me has been agonizing over what to do about it, as we all know it's easier to save money when you're able to purchase a gift at a discount, but much more difficult to purchase a gift card at a discount.

So, today I bit the bullet and used up all of the $5 Amazon giftcards I have racked up through SWAGBUCKS and I will use it to buy a Target giftcard on Amazon (I didn't have enough SWAGBUCKS to purchase a Target giftcard). I am slightly disappointed, as I had wanted to use my SWAGBUCKS on a Starbucks giftcard (I have completely given up spending money at Starbucks). But, thats life!

Anyways, if you have any other ideas on how to purchase gift cards at a discount, let me know! I had looked into websites that allow you to "swap" giftcards, as well as purchasing them on Ebay. This proved to be the easiest and least expensive (although I did have to "spend" my Swagbucks)

New members, use code "MOMMYSNACKS" when you sign up and get 2 free bucks! Just enter it in during registration in the box for swagcodes.

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The Blossoming Skillet said...

Our local TV and radio stations have a "half price hook up" deal on Fridays where you get gift cards for half their face value. Last week we bought a gift card for $50 for only $25 at a really nice restaurant. This is also helping us have super cool date nights on our budget. They also do this for stores and festivals.

Suz said...

I just recently signed up for Swagbucks and love it too! In 3 weeks I've earned enough for my first $5 Amazon card.. .Yippee!